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Whether you are an experienced real estate investor or are just thinking about getting started, the NORTH SAN ANTONIO REALTY team would like to work with you. We know what type of services, you as a real estate investor, want:

  • quick responses to your inquires. (the good ones go fast!)

  • Someone who can show you the property on a moments notice.

  • An agent who understands what you, as an investor, are trying to do ( the numbers work?).

  • Someone who is working for you and your interests, not the seller's.
If you are leary of real estate agents, because you think they don't understand the real estate investor's mentality, we invite you to give us a try. We aren't your typical agent. We can represent you as a buyers agent and help you see the properties you want to see quickly.

It is our hope that you will see the value in the information and services that we can provide for you and that you will want to use us in the future.

Because we know that having reliable information- fast, is the key to finding a good investment property, we have made an effort to post the same information that real estate agents look at for finding property.
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